Solar PV Application Consultancy Services.

As far as the energy requirement & usage is concern demand of energy is increasing day by day. Now a days every equipment requires electrical energy whether it is domestic or commercial / Household or Industrial.

There are limitations of availability of Non renewable Natural resources which are responsible for Energy generation. Moreover they also generate pollution because of the burning process involved for the power generation. Pollution is one of the biggest factors responsible for the Global warming & due to Global warming the weather cycle is disturbed causing serious issues to the human life cycle.

Now Time has come to switch to the Green Energy like Solar, Wind, Tidal etc...

As far as Solar Energy is concern, India has tremendous scope. The geographical location of the country stands to its benefit for generating Power through solar energy. Especially states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, MP, Haryana, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, AP, West Bengal have great potential of tapping solar energy due to location.

We at Ruturaj Electricals are keen to spread awareness of solar energy usage & its benefits in the society.

We are providing consultancy services for the Solar Photo Voltaic applications as below covering all aspects.

  •  Solar Street light & Home light concept for the remote village electrification.
  •  Adoption of Renewable energy products under CSR activity for corporate companies.
  •  Solar Stand alone systems concept & usage.
  •  Solar roof top concept for residential & commercial entity under net metering.
  •  State´s Solar net metering policy guidance.
  •  Guidance on regulatory & statutory approvals related to the Solar System Installation.
  •  Renewable Energy awareness Programs.
  •  Study Project Guidance for academic purpose.